360 Degree Video…. Headspinningly Innovative or Just Headspinning?

The Obamas have done Youtube vlogger videos,  Vine Q&As, even Between Two Ferns.   Now First Lady Michelle Obama has done a 360 video interview with the Verge, who describes the project as “incredibly ambitious”.

This was filmed in mid-January , and cements the Obamas status as holding the “First Digital Presidency”, according to the Verge.

The Obamas have set a high social media bar for the next First Family — and they’re not quite done yet.”This platform is so unique,” Mrs. Obama says of the White House. “We will never have it again. So we will spend these twelve months on every issue making sure we’re driving to the very end. We figure we want to drop the mic on some of this stuff.”

Another recent news use is The Telegraph‘s 360 view of the minute of silence in Brussels after the latest attack last Monday, in which at least 30 people were killed.

The BBC, meanwhile, took viewers to somewhere few have ever been…. inside Cern’s Large Hadron Collider in the first entirely 360 degree TV show.    Background info about the shoot here. 

Apparently, 360 degree video is taking the advertising world by storm…. including a flythrough an Oreo cookie.  But what could that mean for the medium?   The Washington Post predicts, 

But that rush into VR ads and 360-degree videos — their less-involved technological cousins — means advertisers will likely define the platform before it hits mainstream audiences, much in the same way pop-up ads shaped the early Web, analysts said. And because the tech is still in its infancy, advertisers see few limits to their ambitions: What, for instance, will product placement look like when entire worlds are up for grabs?

It’s almost exactly a year since the first 360 degree music video was launched.   Here’s a very trippy example.

And finally, a couple of options for the adrenalin junkies among you….what does it feel like to jump from a hot-air balloon using a wingsuit.

And inside the cockpit of a Swiss fighter jet (try the Barrel Roll).

Here’s a nice WSJ summary of the latest developments.


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