How Will Wearables Make News?



The buzz is Snap Glass.  This is what people (well, the Daily Mail) is calling Snapchat’s project, also dubbed the Enterprise Edition, to secretly develop smartspecs similar to Google Glass.   The company has recently been on a hiring spree, picking up employees with experience in augmented reality.   Wareable reports, “Back in 2014, Snapchat purchased Vengeance Labs, a startup that was busy building smart eyewear that’s able to record video of what a wearer sees,” and many of its employees still work at Snapchat.   The potential for newsgathering/privacy violation is unlimited.

Other possible devices with news applications:  the wearable drone.   Really.  For the ultimate selfie.  This model, the Nixie, is a finalist in Intel’s Make it Wearable competition.

This rundown in the Huffpo also outlines the possibility of wearable biometric strips-plus-cameras, which could wirelessly transmit real-time heart rate and other performance data to sports fans, which are also under development by First V1sion.

An enterprising news editor might find an application for such wearable tech beyond just sports. Imagine a reporter in the middle of some energetic public demonstration or even a military battle beaming the whole heart-pounding, personal experience back to the newsroom’s audience as it happens.


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