The Refugee Crisis through Snapchat and Periscope

Interesting piece from on how news outlets are using new social media tools to cover the refugee crisis.  It quotes Ravin Sampat, Ravin Sampat, senior audience engagement producer for BBC Digital Current Affairs, as saying:

“The BBC is really keen to reach younger audiences – especially 18-35 year-olds. I went to my editor and said ‘why don’t we try something new?’ I wanted to tell the story differently for a new audience,” Sampat said.

This IJNet piece also has examples of Instagram and other social media tools used.

As for the TV series, Black Mirror, by Charlie Brooker,  you can watch it on Netflix.

READING: 1)The Facebook “It’s not our fault study” (Sandvig)

2) Here’s How Facebook’s News Feed actually works (Time)

3) The Evolving Role of News and Twitter and Facebook (Pew)

4) Facebook Expands in Politics and Finds Much to Like (NY Times)

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