Behold the Emoji-Interview


Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop is the first politician ever to have conducted a political interview entirely in emojis.   Predictably, it was with Buzzfeed.   The limitations of the media are – ahem – quite clear, lending themselves to the squishy questions rather than anything with any geopolitical depth.

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But I enjoyed this satirical response from the Vine, who had their own version of an emoji-interview with Prime Minister Tony Abbott (not).



Meanwhile, blogpost of the week goes to Devin Schott for finding this fantastic visualization of CO2 emissions.  You’d need a supercomputer, however, to replicate it.  Also, a shout-out to Mallory Anderson for posting her thoughts on the role of social media in the Brian Williams scandal.

In other news, Sony has begun selling its rival to the now defunct Google Glass.  Behold the Smart Eyeglass, criticised by one user as a “chastity belt for your face”.  Anyone know how to say glasshole in Sony?


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Reading: Clay Christiansen Mastering the Art of Disruptive Innovation in Journalism (Nieman)

ASSIGNMENT: Watch a network TV newscast on ABC, NBC or CBS. In a blogpost analyse the choice of stories, the type of treatment given to them and your assessment of the role of network TV news in the digital era. (For Thursday Feb 26th)