If you don’t use social media, you’re dead













Thanks to Gerry Mullaney from the New York Times for coming to talk to the class.   His takeaways: if you don’t do social media, you’re dead.  Also, breathe a sigh of relief: the first two years out of college don’t count in terms of jobs.   Here is the Wall Street Journal piece he spoke about as a successful piece of audience engagement, and here’s the New York Times work that inspired it.   The Upshot blog is here.

Twitter assignments are due on Tuesday at 8am.  Don’t forget the #c439 hashtag.   And please post the tweets into your wordpress site so that they are easy for the class to see.   Also post your most retweeted or favourited tweet of the week. And remember – in today’s fast-moving media age, you are only one bad tweet away from the doormat, no matter how long you have worked at a company.   Point in case: CNN’s Jim Clancy, who left his job after 34 years at the network after a series of controversial twitter messages.  More background on his the people behind the twitter storm here.  But Nieman says, don’t try too hard to please Twitter.


Digital Media Ethics

Should Reddit be Blamed for Spreading a Smear (NYT)

Ten Ways Reporters Can use Twitter Before, After and During a Story (Poynter)

For Thursday Jan 29th, write a blogpost reviewing the NPR One app.  It needs to be downloaded on a mobile device. Then listen to one hour’s worth of material, play with tagging stories or skipping them to customise.  In your blogpost, please note the stories you heard, and the efficacy of customization.  Also the differences between listening to NPR through the app and a local station.  Is this a service you would consider using regularly ? What are its advantages and disadvantages?