Why is Winnie the Pooh censored in China?

Winnie the Pooh has fallen foul of China’s censors, and so too has a song titled Fart by the Taiwanese singer, Chang Csun Yuk, for your viewing pleasure above.   Below are a couple more examples of things that have been wiped from China’s internet.

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If you want to find out why, you’ll have to come to a talk I’m giving on Tuesday at 5 in the Hussey Room at the League.
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Five ways in Which Digital Disruption Changed Journalism in the Past Week

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  1. Investigative branded journalism?  It’s a thing.  Courtesy of the Guardian and Amazon.  (See How to Solve a Murder here)
  2. Altspace VR plans to revolutionise communication through VR chat sessions.  They’re also planning entertainment, such as standup comedy or music, in their public rooms.   Hear an interview on this morning’s Marketplace.
  3. Twitter has won a deal to stream NFL Thursday Night Football.
  4. Wearable tech is coming to Major League Baseball, including the Motus Baseball Sleeve, the Zephyr Bioharness and bat sensors for use during workouts.  However, AP reports, “Data from the devices cannot be transmitted during games but must been downloaded afterward. The iPads MLB approved for use by teams do not have Bluetooth wireless technology and no other electronic equipment is allowed in dugouts during games.”
  5. And celeb Lena Dunham is starting her own publishing imprint at Random House.

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If you’re wondering what relevance the photos have, they’re from the now infamous Buzzfeed classic, 15 Gooey Ways to Eat Marshmallows That Are Better than Sex.   You know you want to click.   A big thank you to all the debaters for a feisty discussion, and to the audience for great, thought-provoking questions.

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The Great Debate


The Debate

Buzzfeed and Gawker are Saving, Not Killing, the News Industry

For the motion: Simon Kaufman, Jordan Magenta, Kate Toporski
Against the motion: Rebecca Soverinksy, Karen Hua, Chelsea Kubasiak

Everyone else must write a blogpost by 9pm Tuesday summing up a position either for or against the motion, as well as preparing a question to ask one team.