TL; DR: The Iowa Caucuses on Social Media

The Iowa caucuses are all over, and the social media winner of the night was Democratic contender Bernie Sanders, who was “mentioned over 77,000 times on Twitter during the caucus, while Clinton was mentioned 52,000 times”, according to social media sentiment analytics firm Brandwatch.   Sanders also beat Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump to get more new Facebook followers: 15,695 to 10,704.  What correlation is there, if any, between social conversation trends and who wins an election?  This was a question that MSNBC asked, and then answered.  Not at a lot, was its conclusion.  Mashable, however, said that Twitter nailed it.  So the jury’s still out, apparently, on whether social media performance translates into real electoral gains.

The most entertaining social media star was #stickerkid, also dubbed the “new left shark”, who upstaged Hillary Clinton with his own special brand of publicity.

We saw journalists periscoping and filing quick live hits optimised for Facebook straight from the caucus locations.  Here’s  one from Lawson Elementary School by Zoe Daniel from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.


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Posted by Zoe Daniel on Monday, 1 February 2016

Ben Terris of the Washington Post filed a lovely twitter story about a tiny Democratic caucus in someone’s living  attended by 52 people.

And one last unforgettable moment – filmed by BBC’s Newsnight – was when Republican hopeful Ted Cruz tried to hug a little girl, and she really, really didn’t like it.  The problem for him?  It was his own daughter.

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