Pulitzer Centre Guests


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Above are two images from projects by two Michigan alums, Jens Erik Gould and David Rochkind for the Pulitzer Centre.   They will talk to our class on Tuesday about these projects – respectively on TB funding in Vietnam and HIV in Honduras.  You may also want to look at Jens’ Bravery Tapes on the Huffington Post, which combines journalism, music and film.

For Thursday, reading as follows:

And you should have spoken to me, or emailed me, with your plans for a final project by April 1st.  I was gratified to see a piece in the New York Times today on the Players’ Tribune, three months after COMM 439 student Zack Karmin did his final project on it.  Finally, just for your reading, a piece by Scott Simon about tweeting his mother’s death.   The last line: “Social media has become the first line of our utterly human response.”