Great stories – keep them coming!   Had no idea the class had such deep reserves of heroism, as well as such excruciating depths of embarrassment.   Here are a few of my favourites:  heroes’ wreathes to Lauren (recorded by Ally) and Austin (recorded by Gibson).

And props to Elizabeth (recorded by Anisha) and Jason (recorded by David) for going public with stories that make you squirm.   We salute you!

For a 7 minute primer on the art of interviewing, have a look at the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman in action. Paxo, as he’s known in the UK, is also known as an attack dog. He once asked Michael Howard, the then home secretary the same question twelve times in a row to try to get a straight answer.   US interviewers tend to be far more deferential, which rarely elicits such fiery exchanges.  (I’m still waiting to hear a US interviewer ask a politician, “You ever think you’re incompentent?”)

Over the next week, don’t forget to listen to Michigan Radio.  And just because we practised mixing with music, it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to use music on your audio project.  Just saying.


jh_boredbrilliant_AA_colormind_Marquee2 (1)

From wnyc.org

#boredandbrilliant is the latest word in audience engagement.  And it’s pretty compelling.  The New York public radio station, WNYC’s tech show, New Tech City, has launched a weeklong set of challenges to help you detach from technology – in particular “detach from your phone and spend more time thinking creatively.”

Day 1 challenge was to keep your phone in your pocket or bag.  Day 2 is a photo-free day.  Surprisingly hard.  Here’s the argument why you should try it, courtesy of wnyc website.

This week I hope you will spend less time on phones and listening to music, and more time hearing the world around you.  The assignment is an audio project of 2’30 or less.  It can take the form of an interview with one person, a radio story, an audio diary or something more experimental – like a phone-in show –  so long as you stick with the theme.  It should be a piece about digital disruption or technological change, and the effect that is having upon your beat.   You could choose to focus on one person’s story or do something wider.   Please post to your blogs by 12th February using Soundcloud.