Discover Discover

So the latest latest thing is Snapchat’s Discover, which Joshua Benton says is a “significant moment in the evolution of mobile news.”   I like Discover, but – after several days of experimentation – I’m sorry to say that I may just be too old for Snapchat.   Or maybe I’m just so old that noone I know is on Snapchat.

Thanks to Elizabeth McLaughlin, for spotting this article on Politico going both global and local, which namechecks the Texas Tribune, among others.   Finally, we’ve all heard of pop-up shops.  Now the BBC is getting into pop-up journalism with a roving team from the Innovation lab that brought the world initiatives such as BBC Trending, which investigates trending topics on Twitter, the BBC World Subreddit, and BBC Shorts on Instagram.

In the article, one of the journalists, Matt Danzico, describes what the team does saying, “They’re all experiments; 50 percent of what we create fails, but we like it when they fail because we learn a lot of lessons.”

In Tuesday’s class, we will be attempting an Audio editing workshop, hopefully without too much failure. In any case, please bring your laptops and iphones.   It would be helpful if you download Audacity (free audio editing software) to your laptops beforehand.  You will also need to install a plug-in from this site to transform the Audacity audio to MP3s.


Yup, that pretty much is how I feel. Pic from