Am I over-tweeting?

From Neidlinger


Am I over-tweeting?  Some tips on how to know are here.  (Tip: if you are live-tweeting your own twitter feed, then yes.) And for Twitter fans, today it added some new features, so you can group message and edit, shoot and post videos.  Or, according to Gizmodo, watch commercials: “This move is probably motivated, in part, by other platforms like Facebook and Instagram steadily adding video support in their timeline, and also to (obviously) gives companies the opportunity to flood the internet with their carefully crafted 30-second ads. So adding video for Twitter is a win-win, for all us—maybe not so much.”  Neil Patrick Harris was one of the first to make use of this, with his scoop here.

From Neidlinger


Blogs of the week: Hub Humphrey for his behind-the-scenes live-tweeting of a gymnastics meet, complete with video. And do check out Ana Hauser live-tweeting her Tinder date.

Reading: 1) Texas Tribune

2) Shale Life (think about the differences with Snowfall)

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4) The Least Interesting Man in the World (Austin Magazine)

Look back at The Changing Revenue in American Journalism

ASSIGNMENT: 1) Prepare two questions for Evan Smith. Try to reference specific pieces of news reporting the Texas Tribune has done, or its business model

2) Download the NPR one app, and play for a bit with tagging, sharing and skipping stories so that your stream becomes personalised. Listen for half an hour, and write a radio review. I want to know how you rate the listening experience, including the type of stories offered, the efficacy of customization and whether it was an experience you would repeat.  (for Jan 29th, 9am)